About me

My name is Svetlan and I live with my wife in central Slovakia, in the countryside near by the town Zvolen.

I have been lucky enough to have my workshop situated right next to our home so safe to say I work from home. The brand name “Kubito” was inspired by one of the nicknames of the name “Jakub” I was firstly given by my parents. 

I got into woodworking by an accident actually, in 2014. I have learned everything on the go by lots of studying, reading, looking up trials, videos, carefully watching each move of the hands of other woodworkers, through a lot of experiments, failures and successes. This way of learning always suited me and I still prefer it. Do a little bit every day, slowly and gracefully acquire that knowledge, that skill and enjoy the process. 

My work is based on my own unique design. I find inspiration mainly in Japan, japanese art and design, their craftsmen and woodworkers but also from craftsmen round the world. I am fascinated by the variety of colours and textures of trees local to me such as oak, maple, cherry, walnut or ash. Sometimes simply the extraordinary beauty of a piece of timber inspires the final product. The design process begins with simple sketches, with more detailed drawings created in 3D in SketchUp software. When it comes to working on bespoke projects for a customer it is ideal for me to meet and discuss their ideas and requirements personally and see the interiour space. Sometimes this is not possible, so we communicate and talk things through over photographs, emails or calls. After we have clarified the project I work on a 3D model of suggested design. Then we finalize all details and I proceed with my work. Time spent on working on the project and the delivery depends on its complexity and scale.


The principles of my work are:  

  • High quality

  • Sustainability 

  • Minimalistic approach

I work solely with locally sorced hard wood. By combination of these types of wood and traditional craftsmenship I create timeless pieces touching one’s soul every time they look at them, touch them, take them in their hand.


Besides woodworking I enjoy permaculture gardening with my wife. Recently we have started a new project of building terrace gardens to help us live more sustainably, to be able to grow our own fruit and vegetables and feed ourself mostly from our garden. Apart from this I very much enjoy traveling, photography, architecture, food and wine...

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