About me

My name is Jakub, which one day inspired the the brand name Kubito.
I got into woodworking quite "by accident", as it is in life ...:) ... so yes, I never learned how to work with wood at school. I learned everything "on the way", by reading, looking at the hands of others and at my own hands, through trials, mistakes, successes and perceptions of the environment. This is a path that has always suited me and still suits me. Learn something new every day, go slowly, gracefully on your way. My work is based on my own unique design, but I also source the inspiration from other craftsman from all over the world. Very often I get inspiration from Japanese design and add my own "style" of curves to it.

I am fascinated by the variety of colors and textures of our local trees  such as maple, cherry, plum, walnut, ash, beech or spruce. I work solely with this locally sourced hard wood to promote sustainability of my production. The combination of these types of wood creates beautiful timeless pieces touching person's soul every time he looks at them, touches them, takes them in his hand ...
My favorite wood is oak wood. The material of this king of trees is as magical to me as the tree itself. I have a lot of respect for all trees, but oak has always been something "more powerful" for me ... I can't even describe it in words.
I really appreciate and consider it a great gift to be able to work with the bodies of trees and I focus on creating a high quality furtiture witch will last you lifetime.

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